The Ridley Scholarship Fund

The 30th Anniversary Campaign

The 30th Anniversary Campaign

Ridley’s 30th Anniversary campaign will transform Ridley Scholarship

Ridley’s 30th Anniversary Campaign is about “Our Village. Our University. Our Legacy Of Excellence.” There is a critical need to ensure that the Ridley Scholarship Fund and the students who benefit from it are successful. Our goal is to raise $2 million so that by the fall 2018 semester, Ridley can award scholarships covering the full cost of tuition and fees.

Tuition summary

In-State Out-of-State
Tuition: $15,722 $45,058
Ridley Scholarship: $12,500 $40,000
Gap: $3,222 $5,058

Led by alumna Sheryl Wilkins Wilbon and a leadership gift committee, and with the help of Class Agents who are working to build support from fellow alumni, this fundraising and engagement initiative seeks to build on the legacy of the past thirty years and lay the groundwork for continued excellence.

Meet the scholars

Read about the incredible Ridley Scholars, and see the impact they are having academically, and on the greater UVA community!

Why is your gift important to Ridley?

The Ridley Scholarship Fund is the University of Virginia’s chief vehicle for attracting the nation’s best African-American students.

UVA is globally recognized as a premier American university. We must attract the nation’s strongest students, while competing for them against Ivy League and other highly-selective public universities. Ridley’s emphasis in its Scholar selection process on academic excellence, leadership, and community engagement, ensures Ridley Scholars are best-suited to help the University achieve its place in national and international higher education communities.

Why is your gift to Ridley important to the University of Virginia?

The Ridley Scholarship Fund Board of Directors made a bold decision in January 2016. They decided that Ridley scholarships needed to cover full tuition and fees by the fall 2018 semester.

To do that, we need to raise $2 million by June 30, 2018.

The competition to recruit the top African-American college-bound students is at an all-time high. Other highly-competitive universities—including Ivy League institutions and elite public universities—have found ways to provide compelling scholarships to students. When Ridley can provide full tuition-and-fees scholarships, we will attract more of these superb contributors to the University of Virginia.

At UVA, Ridley Scholars become leaders of organizations including University Guides, fraternity chapter presidents, heads of residence life teams, playwrights, and more. From nationally-competitive Ultimate Frisbee players to dreamers who envision revolutionary solutions to issues plaguing underprivileged students, Ridley Scholars are having tremendous impacts at the University of Virginia and beyond.

Ridley Scholarships are transformational, and are made possible by alumni like you. Your support is the main source of funding for the Ridley Scholarship Fund.

Your gift makes an extraordinary difference in our ability to remain a national leader.

Class Agents

If you would like to volunteer to be a Class Agent, contact Matt Brandon today, at

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1982Karen Stokes
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1983Ralph Sampson
1987Doug Smith
1988Shannon Pierce
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1990Ron Carey
1991Clyde Clark
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1992Stefanie Morgan-Davis
1993Endi Piper
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